D/ST: What’s Your Strategy

We all need em on our rosters, but not all defenses are created equal. It might be one of the least positions on our fantasy teams in terms of effort/study/consideration, but since you get points from D/STs in fantasy you at least gotta pay SOME sort of attention to get the most points.

Some players go for the season long approach with a singular D/ST. Some stream them week to week. Others may follow the strategy of our very own Jason Moore and draft based on strength of schedule, particularly the first 4 weeks of the season. Still others may combine the last two.

I’ve been of the season long camp for years, but lately I’ve adopted the streaming/strength of schedule approach when it comes to D/STs.

So what about y’all? How do you approach D/STs? And for those who’ve already drafted, who did you pick, and why did you pick them?