D. Thomas and Gurley for Evans and D. Murray

What do you all think of this trade? I would be receiving Mike Evans and D. Murray. Standard league, no ppr.

ya i like it gurley is gunna even out and murray i think is gunna blow up i think

I disagree. I think Thomas and Gurley are better. Gurley has the work load. Murray is splitting the load.

I think you don’t go through with this trade. Yes I understand Murray is due for a big game but it just doesn’t seem like the offense is clicking even with Mariota on the field. Their doesn’t seem to be any push on the offensive line like last year. Also, the Rams have a high powered offense that is centered around Gurley. While he may not give you a crazy high ceiling, he still give you a solid floor and upside every week. I like Mike Evans but if you watched the last game, Jameis didn’t look too great with his touches and that greatly affected Evans. Thomas is the number 1 receiver and give you a solid floor every week. He’s a perennial 1000 yard receiver. Just my take.