D. Thomas...keep or trade away?

As my WR2 he’s really disappointing. Thankfully the OBJ owner in our league misread the early injury reports and dropped him so I was able to snag OBJ. My receivers or Nelson, OBJ, D. Thomas, Fitzgerald, Theilen & Garcon. Am I worrying about Thomas for no reason…? .5pt PPR

you got OBJ off the wire? Thats the score of the century. wouldnt that make thomas your 3?

I would keep him if you start 3 WRs, if not, I would target a running back from the idiot that dropped OBJ and probably needs a wr now.

I know, he was dropped on a Friday and I had the #10 waiver position and no one else saw he had been dropped! I was LUCKY!!!

Yes, Thomas would be my 3 now but I drafted him as a 2. I have Freeman, Hunt, Martin, Mixon & Cohen at RB and we are a 3WR / 2RB + WRT Flex.

bruh. sit back and ride that team to the championship. unless you wanna package DT with Mixon and go after AJ Green, Evans, or even AB after his down game this week.

I thought I got lucky when I got David Johnson off wavers when we have an IR spot but dang getting Odell is nice! =P

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