D. Thomas or Marvin Jones Jr?

My line up
12 team league
who to put in my flex?

qb- Big ben
rb- melvin gordon
rb- alex collins
wr- marvin jones jr
wr- larry fitz
te - gronk
flex -


  • d. thomas
  • m. breida
  • c. carson
  • t. coleman
  • c. kupp
  • s. watkins
  • t. montgomery

Redraft? PPR? Thomas.

1/2 PPR and redraft.

Carson is in the discussion too having a hard time deciding between the options.

I could be missing something, but I’m a little confused…The subject of your thread asks us to choose between Marvin and Demaryius.

But your post asks who should be flex and has Marvin listed as one of your two starting receivers. So aren’t you answering your own original question by listing Marvin as a starter?

fwiw, I think you’ve got it right if you’re starting Marvin and flexing DT.