D.Walker or J.Reed for rest of season?

I need to make room for an RB for depth. I’m sick of the both of them but would like to go with one the rest of the season.

Trick question… Reed never lasts “rest of season.” lol… but seriously if you have Reed you play him… personally I’d try to trade him… but if you cant get any bites then idk… I’d find it hard to straight up drop Walker bc of name value… if you could get anything for Walker I’d probably do that and ride out Reed until he goes down again… is Tyler Kroft available in your league? or maybe Charles Clay was dropped? if so keep an eye out for those guys.

Well Delanie Walker is now out with an injury and jordan Reed is always seems to have a injury tag to his name. In this case, I would go with Reed since he is currently not injured, plus he seems to be the top receiver for the Redskins.

Walker looks like he might play Sunday, I would still choose Reed. He is just too good when healthy. Just pick up another TE when you need. Try to trade Walker to whoever has Mariota.

Or as the other commenter said you could trade Reed, very smart move, he won’t have a higher trade value than now. You can easily get a good player.