D Watson or Brees this week?

Having a really tough time choosing between these 2 players this week as I think both will have good games. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Dirty dawg Deshaun “5 touchdown” Watson-- my current favorite person

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I’m not biased…:star_struck:

I’m having the same issue lol. Brees is always a favorite to start because he tears apart any defense. He’s just too good. Watson is on a roll right now though and is playing a historically bad team. So it’s possible for him to have another big game. I think the Saints are playing more conservative ball these days whereas the Texans are out to prove a point with Watson at the helm. That in mind against the Browns, if you are looking for big points to put up because you’re evenly matched or projected to lose, I would go with Watson. If you think you’re safe and just want consistent points of 20ish then I’d choose Brees.


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btw i would go watson like come on against browns all the way baby!

plus watson with those points he is making oh yeah

Yes Watson.