D.Watson or R.Wilson week 9?

Who should I start?

R.Wilson vs Redskins (Wilson at home)


D.Watson vs Colts ( Watson away)

Well I think you have the choice between a gold nugget and a nugget made out of gold. I would go Watson.

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They BOTH are playing at home!

I have them both, and I’m rolling with Watson this week.


Watson is playing a terrible D… and their D should give him additional opportunities.

Wilson is playing a pretty decent D… who could pressure him a few times and make things interesting. …of course, “interesting” could mean a high-scoring close game.

Really, you’re talking about two Top 3 options this week. I’d wager that Watson has a higher floor because the matchup is so juicy, but their ceilings are equivalent.


I’d lean Watson personally, but both are great options to have.