D. Watson trade help

I have a watson buyer. I need to choose one from each position. pick one from each or tell bad trade…

fat rob/ James white
Danny watkins/ cooper kupp


I’m not crazy about any of those to be honest. The best player there is fat Rob but no telling when he will be back. Danny A will be injured constantly, and James White/Watkins/and Kupp are unreliable. I’m all for selling high on Watson, but I don’t think those pieces are enough. I don’t think you would ever use any of those unless you are in a serious pinch or a 16 team league or something.

no upside with sammy? :frowning:

I mean there is a small amount upside there, but it’s not nearly high enough to go through 9 weeks of 4 points or something like that. I mean look at his last 3 weeks. He has like 5 points combined. You can’t really play a player like that unless you are absolutely desperate and need some high scoring.