D. Watson trade help!

So I was offered AJ Green for my DeShaun Watson and Stefon Diggs. It’s a 10-team standard League and I already have Kirk Cousins as my other QB. My receivers are currently Michael Thomas, Diggs, and Marvin Jones so it would be a big upgrade for me I think. Any suggestions would help. Much appreciated

I kinda like that trade. You have Cousins who seems to be rounding into form now. You ditch Diggs who is sort of injured with a looming QB controversy coming with the return of Bridgrewater. And you upgrade your WR.

Awesome. Thanks for the response. Im gonna do it

I think that is a great trade for you. Diggs injury has to be concerning, as well as the qb questions marks. Kirk is getting more and more comfortable this year and should continue his good play. AJ Green and Michael Thomas are a great 1-2 WR combo

Yeah plus the other guy jusy lost rodgers so i think its a win-win