D. Watson trade value?

I was offered Ajayi and T. Taylor for D. Watson and Crowell. I am 6-0 in this league, have luck on the bench. My Rbs are hunt,Abdullah, coleman. It’s a full ppr. Pull the trigger??

Yikes - tough call. Luck wont be back in another 2 - 3 weeks. Hopefully if you can adjust with Taylor it looks like a good deal with Ajayi.

I’m thinking of using taylor next week or dropping him to stream another qb.

no way. Crowell is droppable. Not worth it to me

oo sorry - you give Crowell. makes the trade make more sense for you. could you get anyone other than Taylor with Ajayi?

He is getting Ajayi and Taylor for Deshaun and Crowell. So he is in the plus here…

I could either get by with Tyrod or use the waivers to hold out until luck returns. This trade ultimately is ajayi for watson

do it, watson got a bye nextweek and you can easily afford to stream qbs until luck is back if you are 6-0. Ajayi is looking much better now and Ajayi/hunt is a weekly starter duo.

I’m usually opposite of everyone. Watson’s out this week but a top 4 qb so far. Crowell for being “dropable” has outperformed a lot of rbs the last 2 weeks. I’ve been sniping Crowell in any league where he gets dropped.