D. Watson was Dropped

Standard Scoring League.

Someone dropped D. Watson, should I pick him up to hold for playoffs? I also have Rivers.

I would have to drop one of these 3 for him
C. Sutton
A. Robinson
D. Njoku

My starters; Gordon, TY, Funchess, Chubb, Elliott, Kittle, Howard.
Bench; Thielen, Fournette, Doyle.

Ya I would pick him up and drop njoku as long as your starting tight end is ok

Didn’t see th me Kittle Doyle part

Yes def drop njoku
Don’t trust the browns at all

Pick him up. Drop Rivers. No need for 2 QBs. But also no need for 3 TEs. No idea what you’re doing with your roster there. Lot of wasted space.

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@MikeMeUpp I have the same QBs but in a FULL PPR league.

My roster looks like this :
WRs: MThomas, Boyd, Kupp, Ridley, Brown, Keke,
RBs: CMC, Mixon, Michel
TEs: Burton, Ebron

I was looking to try and trade for CAM or perhaps Ertz but a buddy of mine said I should just keep what I have and ride Watson ROS. What would you recommend?

PPR or standard don’t matter for QBs bro so doesn’t matter.

My advice to you is the same, you’re wasting 2 slots by rostering 2 TEs and 2 QBs.

I’d just stick with Watson, Cam is a slight upgrade given schedule but not sure how significant tbh. His home/road splits are a lot worse than Watson. Also, you have CMC already so I wouldn’t want that stack.

Ok cool, what about Ertz…I’m trying to upgrade my team before deadline because I know i will make playoffs and the ppl i will face have some heavy hitters on their teams.

Yeah ertz is an upgrade. Just depends on what you have to give up though.

I’m going to offer Burton/Ridley and see what he says

If he takes that, big win for you.