D Williams or John Kelly?

I’m one of the multitude that is standing on my head about the Gurley situation. I grabbed up Kelly weeks ago…just in case. I’ve still got him, but trying to decide whether just to roll with him and hope for the best (I just don’t know that I trust rusty ol’ CJ. Never could trust that guy anyway), OR…should I grab Williams while I still can? Can drop either Sutton or J Reynolds.


Thanks more than y’all know for any feedback here!!! :hugs:

Williams. Guaranteed control of backfield. High powered offense. How in the world is he still available for you to pick up tho?

No money involved in this league, so most that didn’t make it to the CHAMPIONSHIP have all but just wrapped it up for the year. Still have the CONSOLATION LADDERS, but…well…ya know!!!

Anyway…thanks a mil buddy!!! Appreciate it more than you know. LOL…I’m the only female in the league and old enough to be everybody’s momma. (almost 60) So…LOL…really looking forward to being able to hoist that trophy against all these men young enough to be my youngn’s!!! :rofl:

Soooo…you’re thinking just drop either Reynolds or Sutton and grab Williams to play in Gurley’s slot???

That must be a really inactive league. I’m benching Gurley for D Williams as well. Lotta confidence in him and that offense. Specially with Ware doubtful

Actually it’s not. LOL…just been a really, really bad year for everybody. Most of them are in money league’s as well and have had prob the worst year of their FFB career’s. Just one of those years!!! :roll_eyes:

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I’m just surprised no one grabbed him earlier to simply block someone else. I mean if you can’t win it, you can at least prevent someone else from winning it.

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LOL…funny you would say that…I was just texting with a couple of them that are in a money league earlier today and that’s why they haven’t put a whole lot of effort into this league at this point. They’re putting all their thoughts and focus into trying to block others in their “high dollar” leagues.

Ah. I don’t play for money. Same I reason I don’t gamble. Get too stressed about it and have no fun. I just play for bragging rights.

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LOL…yep…same here. BUT…mostly because I can’t afford those money leagues!!! Poor old woman here. LOLOL

BUT…we have talked about making it a small money league. 10 team…20 bucks entry…winner takes all. IDK…we’ll see.

Anyway…can I bother you for one more opinion???

Should I drop Reynolds or Sutton to grab Williams in your thoughts??? Don’t see me playing either of them at this point. BUT…since it is the BIG ONE…just hate to throw away the wrong one in case I decide to make one last minute wild swap out. :roll_eyes:

Thanks a bunch buddy!!!

Unless you’re in a dynasty format and worried about losing Sutton or Reynold’s future potential for a short play, I have zero problems dropping Sutton or Reynolds for D Williams. Specially if you’re trying to chase Gurley’s points.

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Nope…re-draft. So…yep…pretty much what I was thinking, since as I mentioned, I don’t see me playing either at this point, since have Dav Adams, Lockett, and Chubb playing. Already played Henry. Got 15 PPR off him.

Thanks a bunch friend!!! Wishing you the ultimate in your final ventures this weekend!!! I’ve always enjoyed seeing you post. I like your style!!! Hope to see you next year!!! :hugs: :grinning: :+1:

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Need all the luck in the world to beat my wife this week in the championships. May god have mercy on my marriage :joy::rofl::tumbler_glass:

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ROFLOLOLOL!!! Now THAT’S funny. Wish I could get my husband involved, but…grrrrrr……he’s just not a big football fanatic. (except for the SB).

Well…for what it’s worth buddy…since I reckon I’m more or less “your” friend here (since I’m assuming your wife isn’t one that I’ve conversed with here )….I reckon I have to wish YOU the best!!! :beers:

(but…if I ever meet her here and she confronts me…I swear I’ll deny it.) Woman power ya know!!! ROFLOLOL

BUT…have to say…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that y’all are both involved in this. Wish hubby was into it!!! :unamused:

Ya i tricked her into fantasy football, but it’s now backfired. I did a topic on it a few days ago

Yeah…LOL…think I saw that. Wasn’t it about you maybe having to get to be “best friends” with the couch for a few days??? (snicker)

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basically. lol

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LOL…yeah…my league is with both my sons and grandsons and a bunch of my son’s friends!!! Love being able to boast to my boys and grandsons that Momma and Grandma kicked all their butt’s this year!!! Take this ol’ woman on will ya???

DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE OLD LADY!!! She’ll take you on and show you how it REALLY works!!! :wink:

(for what it’s worth, been in the league for 4 years now…first year that I’ve beaten them all. So…) but…my son that started this league has usually beaten me and usually makes the CHAMPIONSHIP in his big money leagues and won all them last year…including this one. SOOOOO…feeling really pretty full of myself this year to pull this one off!!! :rofl:

AND…for the record…if it hadn’t been for “momma” (me) being a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE football fan all my life, way back before FFB was even a thing…my boys prob wouldn’t even have ever gotten into Football since their Daddy never had an interest in the sport. So…there ya go. :grin:

I take all the credit!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :rofl: