D. Williams Question

Dynasty League - 12 teams. 1qb, 2rb, 2wr 1te 3flex - that is the starting roster

I have wilson, chubb, mixion, hilton, cooks, njoku, guice, d.williams, m. williams

I also have benard and AP for RB hand cuffs.

Was a bit concerned about D. Williams. Was thinking about moving him but not sure… what does everyone think about trying to improve that position? Thanks.

As a D. Williams owner myself I’m in the same boat. I am trying to move him, but if you can’t find any good bites on just williams maybe throw a pick in with him and see who bites. I would maybe see if you can get a second TE for him like OJ Howard or someone like that.

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Williams will do more for you on your roster than he will as a trade asset. Even if he only lasts one season and they draft an RB next season which isn’t even guaranteed if he does well, it’ll be worth it if he puts up a top 6 RB performance this season for you.

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I have zero interest in Williams. Would be looking to trade him high. That time may come closer to the pre-season or after week 1/2.

I don’t think the trade value compared to the value potential to your roster is equal. He could be the guy and play like he did towards the end of last season. But you’re not going to get that caliber of player value in trade with him. I’d keep him on your roster. I think Guice has big bust potential this season and would rather prefer to trade him, although he has a higher ceiling for future seasons (I could also see him having a bust year and WAS looking RB in next draft again). In dynasty I always play for the current season though. Just my thoughts.

I made some trades…

Now it is Wilson, chubb, mixion, d. cook, hines, boyd, b. cooks, moore, tate, ertz, doyle