Daesean Hamilton Value?

Dynasty League - I have too many Broncos: Fant, Hamilton, and Lindsay. What would you value Hamilton as in 2020 pick(s)?

Mid 2nd but I think his value goes up as the season goes forward.
I would look to trade LIndsay; I think his value is at its highest and come mid season it’ll be more of a timeshare or he’ll be hurt

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I would call this a false premise. In a redraft you probably have too many Broncos but dynasty has more bench spots so you’re fine. I see all 3 as good long term starters.

I would hold onto all three in dynasty. I don’t understand all of the Lindsay hate - he was a pro bowler for a reason. Fant is the top dynasty rookie TE prospect for fantasy purposes (not sure I believe in Hock in Detroit). And Sanders is coming off the achilles injury and even if he recovers, I’m not sure I see him starting in the slot in 2020, whereas I do see Hamilton filling that role as soon as Sanders can’t.

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The Lindsay hate is that he is an undersized and undrafted RB on a below average offense with a new HC and a high draft capital young RB nipping at his heels. I really hope Lindsay does what he did last year because I had a lot of fun watching him; but, there is a very real possibility that he loses his job outright, has to join a more balanced RBBC, or gets injured. He is good, and I hope he remains good; but, he has a lot of warning markers.