Daft was last night, thoughts?

12 team PPR 3WR

QB: Josh Allen
RB: CMC, D. Williams, M. Sanders, Barber and J. Hill
WR: K. Allen, C. Godwin, T. Boyd, R. Anderson, M. Jones, D. Pettis and A. Miller
TE: Andrews

Biggest problem I think is my RB depth. Thoughts?

Your WR depth is solid, I think between them you’ll always have a few with a good matchup that you’ll be able to play! If Miles Sanders pans out like a lot think he will then I think you’re in really good shape, but you are weak after CMC and Williams.

I might try to trade some WRs for more RB depth. Just not sure who to give up/target. Thanks for the advice.

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Keep an eye on Pettis, he keeps going down in my book. Also, Anderson hurt his calf yesterday, I’d be leary on something like that being reaggravated anytime throughout the season. Look through waivers to boost depth at RB!

I’ve been getting a lot of value trading Boyd and a lower RB for an RB upgrade!

Did it in both the leagues I’m in! I think you’d still have solid WR depth and could get a breakout candidate RB for him!