Daily FF platform recommendations

Hey guys,

I want to give daily a try with a small group of my friends. anyone have a recommendation on what platform I should use?

Hey - i work in payments and there are a couple options depending but i would start with Draft Kings.

Additionally, the best free league due platforms are sleeper and yahoo. Sleeper has better social presence and is newer. Yahoo has been a staple and reliable.

Also, to bring back what I said about myself at a payments is there are a couple companies coming out to be able to link your all your fantasy accounts together to collect payments from friends league, connect Draft Kings, FanDuel, etc (LeagueSwype). Another new player is called DraftFuel like robin hood to perform round up functionality towards the Daily FF platforms. (These two platforms aren’t out yet. But Draft Kings will work the best first and then you can link to this.)

Hope this helps. I have an inclusive bit about everything lolZ -
in case you want to play fantasy football on sleeper/yahoo and or perform daily FF (draft kings / fan duel).

Thanks. Will try Draft Kings. My regular league is on Sleeper.