Dak attack... "NO DAK! THE OTHER TEAM!"

so as of right now I can trust Dak going forward. its a 10 man league so some of my waiver options are Rivers, McCown, Mariota, Eli, Dalton? who should I pick up for playoffs/this week?

Mariota has a good schedule for sure.

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is mariota a safer option than say rivers who also has a good schedule?

MM has a total cupcake schedule the next 4 weeks, but faces the rams week 16.

Philip Rivers also has an easy schedule the rest of the way. The big advantage I see is that Rivers has started something like 190 game in a row , where MM has been hit by the injury bug already. I have a waiver bid in for Mariota & if successful, mayI literally have to do a coin flip weekly :slight_smile:

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I still have dak if the cowboys figure things out. thanks guys