Dak for Chris Carson and lockette

I have mahomes already, my RBs are James white and AP and Phillip Lindsay. The screen shots are his team. What do you think I should counter with or is the trade good enough?


Assume this is 1 QB/redraft?

I personally would not give up Lockett and Carson for Dak. Unfortunately QB’s just don’t hold much value in these types of leagues (outside of Mahomed and Lamar Jackson.)

I would more likely be trying to sell Mahomes for a treasure chest. Ask for Kamara…


So to be clear, you are trading away Dak Prescott and receiving Chris Carson? And Lockett? If so, that is a definite yes. You would be getting a solid RB2 with RB1 upside for a great but replaceable QB

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Yes i am. I have dak and mahomes

Yes this is redraft 1 QB half PPR

I like the other person’s idea too about Mahomes for Kamara. Either one you win the trade because QB value is replaceable, RB is not.

Take that trade

Take it take it take it


Only shift is if this league is 6 points for a passing TD and extra bonus for throwing yards. But if passing TDs are 4 points, then absolutely yes capitalize on that QB value to get RBs

i totally want to only reason i wouldnt is because carsons fumbles and i wanted kamara but i will probably accept. thank you all for the replies i just needed confirmation that i should accept!! THank you all!!!

Yes this is a big yes.