Dak is about to ruin my playoff chances... help me

So I really didn’t think Dak was going to continue to lay these duds, so I never picked up a backup QB. Currently on a 4 game losing streak and started on a 7 game winning streak. I COULD miss the playoffs but most likely not. Really need some help on a QB off the waivers because it’s veryvery slim pickings in this league. Any opinions and suggestions are very much welcome! Thanks Foot Clan.

Current waiver options:
Jimmy G
And the rest of the poop in the bowl

Bortles or Siemian this week are good picks. I am a big Jimmy G fan and i really like his first 2 playoff games so you could potentially score big on him… However, if you are unsure about making playoffs I would probably start Bortles this week.

Thanks Luccas. I do want to see how Jimmy G does this week… Pats fan here. I was thinking of grabbing Jimmy and another QB to start this week but I’d have to drop Dak to make that happen. Do you think it’s worth it? Toss Dak in the trash?

I don’t know about that… If someone dropped Dak in my league I would pick him up (very decent playoff schedule). Honestly, i don’t think anyone will be looking at Jimmy g this week so if you can I would wait and pick him up in the waivers first thing next week (if he plays well)

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Sounds good, thanks for the help sir.

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