Dak on Bye. Waiver Pickup QB Help

Eight man Standard league. Here are the top 5 QB’s on the waivers:
Matt Stafford: (NYG)
Jared Garf: (CIN)
Cousins: (WAS)
Tannehill: (TB)
Minshew II: (NYJ)
Teddy Bridgewater: (ARI) (He’s been lookin good, and the matchup is very good imo)

Thanks for the help!

@fun4willis any advice?

Stafford vs NYG. But either of the top 3 on the list you mentioned will have good games

Teddy is a risky pickup as Brees has not been rules out for week 8.

My preference is Goff. Rams play at home and the Bengals have allowed the following QB performances:
17, 6, 16, 13, 6, 3, 14

Stafford would be my second choice.

Would it be safe to play either woods or Kupp if I pickup Goff?

WRs: Julio, Tyreek, Kupp, Woods, Cooper (BYE)

Kupp is still an every week start for me. Would not play Woods over Julio or Hill.

@fun4willis RBs are: CMC, Chubb, Carson, and Ekeler. I have Chubb in the slot currently with CMC and Carson starting

So put Kupp in the flex over Chubb?

I would, yes.

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Alighty. Thank you very much for the help, and thank you @zach_norwood for your insight as well!