Dak or Brees?! Please help

Who should I go with

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For this week it’s very close. My model has Brees projected to be the QB2, and Dak the QB3. The Ballers have Dak ranked as the QB3 and Brees as the QB4 this week. So it’s a nice problem to have. It’s close but I think you go Dak.

If it’s RoS and the playoffs, Dak looks like the much better option. My model projects Dak as the QB7 RoS and the QB6 Weeks 14-16. Brees is projected to be the QB14 RoS and the QB24 Weeks 14-16 (mostly because of a bad match up with the 49’ers Week 14). If it’s an option still you might consider trading Brees, though it would be good to have him Week 13 when he plays Atlanta and Dak plays Buffalo.

My full QB model is below for reference. You can also see all my models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 11 streaming post here. I do a new post each Tuesday. Comments and feedback welcome. Good luck!

Wow great info! Yeah this week just seems so close my gut is telling me to go with Dak but I think the matchup with Tampa for Brees is just fantastic I’m really stuck

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When I have that problem, I do a lot better when I just put it into the expert’s hands. Since it’s a close decision for you, I say go with the Baller’s rankings and don’t second-guess after that. Both look great, so you’ll probably do OK either way. :+1:

So your saying go with Dak basically

Saying that’s what I would do. But, more importantly, I wouldn’t sweat it once decision was made.