Dak or Cousins

Sup suppp?!

LOL. I’m curious to see what most have to say to this. I just dropped Dak for Wentz last week. Been wondering if I should be kicking my own butt ever since. BUT…was a tough decision, and I went with it. I’m sure y’all know where I’m coming from. FFB is ALWAYS (well…ok…USUALLY) full of tough decisions!!!

BTW…also have Cousins.

You just wanted to lock up the NFC East? What’s Eli up to on your waivers?

I thought about doing a trade to get Wentz as that owners was interested in my DeVante Parker… but decided to ride it out with Cousins this week. Also, I am suffering at WR in that league.

Just saw someone dropped Bradford. How do you think he will be against Chicago in Week 5? Think he will play? My other ww options right now are awful and think I need to take a stash.

Actually wasn’t targeting any Division in particular. Just that Wentz seemed a little more appealing at the time.

My concern with Bradford is that it’s a knee issue. And not his first go-round with knee problems.

Yeah, I see Hoyer is on the ww as well… he has a week 5 game against the colts. Could be a good option as well.

Ha yeah figured with the division I was just joshing.

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LOL. And…concerning Hoyer…just not sure I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon yet. But…a lot of football yet this year. Still early. LOL…the way things are going just 2 1/2 weeks…gotta feeling this is gonna be a year to go down in the books!!!

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