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Dak or Cutler this week?


A bit nervous about Dak playing Buffalo and maybe even slight ankle weakness. Everyone has been tlaking up Cutler especially against jets, can we trust him?


I’d start cutler
Dak is gonna be gimpy if he plays and the bills (so far) havent allowed any TD’s


Dak plays the Cards this week, not the Bills. But I agree that I would likely roll with Cutler over Dak this week.


Thanks, You’re right meant ARI


I’d play anyone playing the Jets.


my bad didnt even double check who Dak was playing, but yeah, id take a healthy streamer than a gimpy one
no matter the matchup


Is Siemian or Cutler the better option here?


Cutler against the Jets
Probably one of the only times you can be sure to start him.
Simeon is finally going on the road this season and who knows how he’ll play