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Dak or Kirk?


So I have a dilemma this week… Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins? Full PPR


I have the exact same qb situation. I’m starting kirk for the first 3 weeks most likely.


I’ve been high, on Dak but now multiple podcasts/trusted experts are saying
sit him. He had some like 15-20 (depending on format) points COMBINED in
his 2 games against the Giants. Not making me feel great about it, but Kirk
I have the same concern after seeing the first- team’s preseason.


I agree regarding Kirk’s performance during the preseason. Definitely not inspiring! But he did play very well against the eagles last season, so I’m just hoping that they get it together in the actual game. What alternative do we have, anyway? Dak’s performance against the giants last season makes me not want to play him at all. Palmer is available on my waivers (and likely yours). So is Bradford. I can’t bring myself to start either of those guys over Kirk, though.

It’s certainly a pickle… But I’ll be starting Kirk - for better or worse.


Couldn’t of said it better!


I agree, he seems the safer bet. My only hesitation is with Zeke back, will
that help with the passing game?


That’s a good point, I would say it should a lil bit


I’m sure it’ll help, but dak had zeke for both games against the giants last season too. Food for thought.


Giants D is something serious :smile: