Dak or mccown or

Or jimmy g or kizer

Dealing with a similar issue. Leaning toward McCown because I think he’ll have to throw. Think Alf will have some success and may limit Dak’s upside.

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Does anyone know much about home road splits and defensive matchups here?

I had the same choice as you, and am going with Dak.

Dak has the better matchup, and McCown is being overhyped. Don’t forget that denver is getting Talib back today.

What about blain Gabbert? He’s at home against tenn

That’s a though one as well, but I think his floor stool be okay

I need high upside. I’m playing in the semis against the best team, and gonna be without ertz. Highest upside?

I’ve got the seal on my team in case ertz is a no go. Should I roll with the stack at home and hope they connect for 3 lol

I would, what about Winston?

He’s taken :frowning: do I start Alf or hunt?