Dak or Rivers wk13

Trying to pick QB this week Dak va NO tonight or Rivers vs Pit Sunday

Go with Rivers. NO D is sneaky good in forcing turnovers and they have the top rushing D in the league. Don’t think Dallas can hang.

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My choice was Rivers but Dak has been putting up Rushing TDS lately that made me hesitate and think

Wouldn’t rely on rushing TDs to get it done. Maybe he puts up a rushing TD but you know rivers is going to throw for multiple TDs with Gordon out. Keenan Allen is going to eat this game.

And also for Dak to get rushing TDs, he needs to first get into the redzone which as Wentz showed, is hard to do against saints. And dallas also plays in a dome so the transition for saints isn’t that bad.

I just see this being a game where NO stuffs the run and shuts down zeke, gets ahead early and often forcing dak into 3rd and long situations which Dak is not talented enough to climb out of. He’ll end up trying to force a ball resulting in turnovers or just not even attempt to push ball downfield and get shut down that way.

This right here is the reasoning that is tempting me to play Saints DST over KC this week lol.


haha yeah I know. It’s tempting but I won’t go for it. I already committed to getting KC in all leagues for this week and next against BAL.

Rivers all day. This is the closest we might get to a game like KC @ LA the rest of the season. I personally expect a lot of points Sunday night at Heinz Field. Roll with Rivers.

I agree-let the river flow. Would you play dak or Mayfield ?

Dak should play in the higher scoring matchup, so Dak imo. I think Cle could be in for a long day @ Houston.

Would you play NO DST this week against DAL? NO or KC DST?