Dak or Ryan - a poll

I see the difference in matchup, but assuming Tyron Smith is back at left tackle, do I trust that Dak’s confidence returns against the Chargers and hope for that great upside or start Matt Ryan against TB, take my 16 points, and call it good?

I would go Matt Ryan, against that defense I think the upside is much higher than 16 points, id like to see a good game from a zekeless Dak before playing him over Ryan’s juicy matchup.

Maybe it’s just the scoring in my league (I’m still getting a feel for how other leagues work), but Ryan’s max this season is 18. Dak has gone 22+ five times. But yeah, he’s got me nervous for sure.

I feel you, Dak has an amazing upside because he rushes. Look at Seattle’s game though. He scored 17pts but threw for under 200 yds. I feel like he will throw more this game and Atlanta will get back on track. I was having the same debate with whether or not I was going to play Mariota over Ryan because of the upside. Dak has not been good lately unfortunately.

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I’d go Matt Ryan. Don’t ruin your Thanksgiving lol

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Haha yup the last 2 weeks were tough to swallow. I had a few players barely show up this last week and had one last hope in Dak for final points…and he SUBTRACTED. Smalls…you forgot to TURN