Dak or Tannehill?! Worried about Dak going up against that defense

Is Dak trustworthy tonight!? Who would you go with?

You drafted Dak above Tannehill for a reason. Second guessing your start/sit decisions begin after week 1.

I am still starting Dak even against the TB defense.

It was an auction draft but regardless I see your point. I think I’m just nervous cause it’s his first game back with contact you know? I don’t really care that it’s a tough matchup it’s more that it’s his first game back

Damn man you guys got me thinking now! I’m just scared it’s his first game back not really the matchup

Imho, Dak is a weekly starter along with Mahomes, Allen, Lamar, and Murray.

You can drive yourself crazy scrutinizing injuries to the offensive line and matchups and weather and shoe sizes, or you can just start your best players and hope for the best.

I am most often in the latter camp, and I’m starting a QB who is averaging over 370 passing yards in games played with CeeDee Lamb unless he is dead.

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Dak - if you’re worried about starting him, you probably drafted him too early.