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Dak or Waivers


I’ve got Dak (Luck on bench), but not many players to consider dropping for Bradford or Smith on waivers. Only guy I could consider dropping would be Decker.

RBs - Murray, JStew, Gore, Kelley, Martin
WRs - Fitz, Diggs, Hill, Ginn, Decker


I think you need some serious help on your bench. I’d risk rolling the dice with Dak.


It’s actually a 14 team league so my bench is better than the majority haha


I am in this same predicament this week. Philip Rivers did okay against the Bronco’s defense so I think I will roll with Dak, but it is not an easy decision. I do not see him busting out for big numbers like some QB’s on the waivers could.


Ah, makes a lot of sense. I’m in a 10 team league so I look at my bench to yours and well ummm. Yea I think I’d still just roll the dice with Dak. But that’s just me, a fellow fantasy scrub, I wouldn’t sacrifice my depth for the upside that Smith or Bradford brings.


I’m benching Dak for Alex Smith this week. Hate the matchup