Dak really lost me the game today? Trade or Keep

7.6 points… like wow! Anyone else trying to trade him ASAP or see how he does against GB

I wouldnt trade him

Lots of bad QB weeks this week. The Allens, Watson, Brady, even Mahomes and Ryan didn’t throw a TD. Both my Teams got slaughtered this week and put up awful numbers. I’m chalking it up to a fluky week, wouldn’t sell him based off of 1 game.

Just know that he probably won’t do much better against GB. They have been great against the pass this year so I see Dallas running it often to try and keep the ball out of Rodgers hands.

With that being said I’m not looking to move Dak unless I can get a clear upgrade and right now, the only QB I’d do that move for is Mahomes. If you have a solid backup and are looking to move Dak for a different position I could get on board with that. But if you are thinking to package him with someone to upgrade at QB I would stay with Dak unless you are getting Mahomes.