Dak Trade situation!

Im in a hug 32 man roster (IDP) huge scoring, i need to always start 10 off players doesnt really matter what position. clearly no QBs on waivers. that being said, i need a qb, would you rather trade away hyde and graham for Dak and a small piece or ertz for dak straight up and keep hyde? either way id be picking up engram of the waiver to replace the TE

Dak is the man. Keep him. My main reason is this: if Zeke IS suspended, guy who’s gonna carry that team? It ain’t McFadden or Morris. Dak is gonna hoist Jerry Jones and the rest of the team on his broad shoulders and carry that team into the playoffs. And to do that, he’s gonna have to play lights out. Which he can and will.

I think Rod Smith is gonna surprise ALOT of people if Zeke gets suspended-(Jaylon Smiths brother)