Dalton and Kelce for Rodgers and Graham


My coming week 8 opponent wants me to trade Kelce and Dalton to him for Rodgers and Graham. This week I will have Gordon and Julio( who I got from this very player a few weeks ago) on Bye so it’s already going to be a fight. He would have Mahomes, Hill and Kelce starting against me. .5PPR league.

I upgrade significantly at QB, waiver wire adds could be Mayfield and Flacco. I do downgrade at TE but not anything drastic. Graham is still #4 in TE Targets and is #8 in .5PPR.

The real kicker is we play again in week 12 where he’ll have Mahomes, Hill and Kelce on Bye. I’m currently 4-2 and should move to 5-2 after Julio plays tonight, I need 0.8 to win. My opponent is 4-3 and has been hurting bad this season and has starting RBs of Ito and Lidsey.

I think I should do it. I solidfy a position I’m weak at while not hurting myself at TE. More importantly I gain an advantage over my opponent in week 12 right before the playoffs. Talk me out of it!


Doesn’t even matter if you’re playing him or not.

You do not trade a top 3 TE for a QB. No matter how good that QB is. Plenty of fine streamers and fringe guys to play. And despite Dalton putting up a dud this week, I’d still play him next week going up against the buccs.