Dalton Injury, Bengals ROS

What does Andy Daltons injury do to the bengals players for the rest of the season?

If Green comes back, is he still a must start?

Got to think it’s a downgrade across the board really. Man these last two days hurt, Gordon possibly out for most if not the rest of the fantasy season and I also have Green and Mixon for good measure - fml.

Bengals schedule isn’t too bad and Green if healthy will be a must start but hard to know more until we see a game or two. Here’s hoping Driskell can actually play and play well

The numbers actually look pretty good but that is against cleveland, so maybe a bit misleading.
But good to know that Green should still be locked in.

I actually don’t think it’s tooooo horrible. Driskel numbers don’t look awful, I’m actually trying to grab him for his week 15 play against Oakland. Rodgers has been real tough for me this season and I don’t fully trust him week 15 against Chicago.

I have Mixon in my team. i’m trying to bundle him up with Cooper (and maybe D.Cook if necessary) to try and get a low RB1/high RB2 because I’m very nervous on the outlook for the bengals even before the injury

rotoworld referred to Driskel as “basically a poor man’s Josh Allen” LOL

What I get from that is that Driskel might not be great, but things could be worse. At least he’s not Tom Savage…

I agree w/ @James89, it’s probably a slight downgrade for all WRs/TEs but possibly good for Mixon if they try to lean on the run game.

I also would agree that if/when Green is healthy you start him.


Yeah I mean he does have some athletic ability, more so than Dalton with regards to scrambling so that possibly helps Mixon and Driskells floor and they do have a decent set of games to close.

It’s not like Dalton was playing lights out so the downgrade could be slight I agree. Target share will be interesting, especially if/when Green is back in

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Wow thats a huge price to pay for a a low RB1/high RB2

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I got Boyd in 2 leagues Mixon in 2 leagues, and Green in one, LOL so I’m also interesed to see how this affects the passing game for the Bengals ROS.

@ben_jamin627, I agree that is too much for a RB1/2 especially since that’s what Mixon is IMO both now and ROS

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You can argue Cook is also that when he’s healthy lol. And Cooper is looking gooooood. Somewhat disappointed I traded him away now lol

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I think Dalton injury is a downgrade to both Mixon and Boyd for sure.

Might be a slight downgrade / neutral impact on AJ Green. The reason why I say that is twofold:

  1. Dalton isn’t that good anyways.
  2. Bad QBs tend to just lock in onto their primary read / best player. So although their quality of targets decreases, it is somewhat made up for in volume. We’ve seen a few examples of this play out. The most recent ones being Hopkins and Larry Fitz from last year. After watson/palmer went down, they both continued to produce cause they just got flooded with targets. The backups were incapable of making 3rd/4th option reads so basically just try and force it in there. And when you give someone as talented as Green that many targets, he’ll produce.

TD upside takes a hit though so that’s where the slight downgrade comes in. Still not benching AJ Green unless its an absolutely brutal matchup and I have a surplus of elite talent I could slot in over him. Don’t think he has any more brutal matchups coming up although vs Ward with cleveland and Heyward with Chargers isn’t ideal.

The obvious potential downgrade to Mixon comes due to the overall downgrade in offense and RBs on bad offenses take big hits. And he’ll most likely see more stacked boxes like the numbers Fournette was seeing because defenses try to make bad QBs beat them through the air.

However… do you see any slight potential uptick for Mixon from potentially an uptick in sheer volume as well as a potential uptick in check-down plays? He was peppered with 7 targets last game. Idk if the majority came from Dalton or Driskel though.

Wouldn’t have too many take aways from last game. They got blown out 28-0 in the first half.

But Mixon was still able to put up good numbers. As an RB on a team losing that badly, that’s a good sign, no?

Well I think you need to think about it from 2 sides. Once the browns were up 28-0. They were only playing deep zone coverages so left all that under neath stuff open so lot of garbage time yardage. I’m not someone who goes into the week relying on garbage time yardage to get my production. Sure it works sometimes but othertimes you just get left in the waste.

I would much rather have a full offense / team so Mixon has better scoring opps.

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