Dalton, Luck, or Stafford

I have only one spot open on my roster and it is currently filled with Dalton, who has a great couple of games coming up. I was wondering if I should just roll with Dalton this week, or risk not getting him back next week and pick up either stafford against the packers, or luck against the patriots. Any thoughts? Any recommendation would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar boat. I have Wilson starting, but just picked up Dalton. (Have other options of Stafford, Luck and Flacco.

I took Dalton b/c I think he has more weapons than the others and has seemingly been more consistent. My concern though is this: Gaining Mixon and losing Eifert may make them lean more on the running game where they have had to pass more with Mixon being out with Injury. In my league Dalton is currently listed at #10, but I’m still debating the others since they are FAs.

I have decided to stick with Dalton b/c they have used Mixon in the passing game. Just hoping his consistency with low TOs plays out for this week being a slightly worse matchup.

I want Luck ROS but Dalton over the next 4-5 game stretch. If Luck is on your waivers, he’ll probably remain there. Honestly if you lose dalton, more than fine rolling with Luck later too. Just depends on where your team is at.

If your team is like 3-1 or 4-0, i’d roll the dice with Luck. If you need wins really badly which I do in a couple leagues, then roll with Dalton lower risk.

Thank you for the recommendations I do have a record of 3-1 but I have bell so I’m going to roll with dalton for now to try to keep my record good until bell is back.

Thank you for the thoughts, I’m going to roll with Dalton just like you :+1: