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Dalton or Cutler for the start


Who would be your pick?


yuk, a coin flip… so I’ll go with Dalton


Im a little hesitant on the london play. But with the saints theres always a shoot out … hmmm I lean towards Dalton…


Couod also picl up Smith, Kizer, or Watson


Dalton will be fine. I would go with him.


As a Bengals fan, Dalton has been serviceable the last 2 years at Cleveland. That said, this year he has been worse overall, so don’t count on a great game. Cutler on the other hand hasn’t thrown for 300 yards since 2015 (in which he did it only 3 times) and has thrown for 3 TDs once in the last 2.5 years. Not much upside for either, but I’d go with Dalton with slightly more.