Dalton or Stafford this week

I’m thinking of picking up Stafford to stream this week and stashing Dalton. The Red Rifle has a beautiful schedule after this week and I don’t see Green Bay stopping the Lions. Any thoughts?

This is the exact position I’m in. Dalton has been playing great previous weeks, however getting back Mixon and losing Eifert does that make the Bengals depend more on the running game? Stafford’s matchup vs GB isn’t “that” much better than Dalton’s vs Miami but with uncertainty of how adding Mixon and losing Eifert will affect the passing game its a move I’m leaning towards doing also. Lions aren’t going to change their gameplay and the match up is slightly more favorable.

I agree I am rolling out Mixon this week as well for that reason. I’m leaning Stafford, Cousins torched Green Bay a few weeks ago. And I think Miami bounces back this week after getting bodied by NE last week. Wish me luck!

In a similar situation but someone dropped stafford. I have Goff and Dalton because I thought I might stream Dalton this week.

Personally going to keep Dalton because he will be good next week and stafford is on a bye so id rather have the two week play