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Dalton vs. Palmer


Drop Andy Dalton for Cason Palmer based on their first 4 games?


I think Dalton is going to have a solid year. However Palmer has better matchups especially today. I’d really try and hold both, but that’s just me.


I would love to hold both, but my team has no WRs or RBs that I consider droppable. I agree that Palmer is the better short-term play, Dalton will most likely get scooped up by another team if I do away with him.


I’m stumped


Likewise. Thanks for your input, though!


Dalton. Too many question marks for AZ for me. I am not convinced Palmer is not the same as last year. He burned me, so I may be biased.


I’d say Palmer but its close. I also think Dalton has big year ahead of him but the ravens D can be sneaky good.