Dalton vs Smith Week 1

Currently have both Mahomes and Smith that I will alternate as year goes on, but Dalton is a free agent right now and his matchup is so good so the question is, who do you start? 12 Team PPR 5pt Passing TD
*Alex Smith WSH@ARI
*Andy Dalton CIN@IND

I feel like Andy Dalton will have a huge game aginst the Colts, but on the other hand he also could have a really bad game like Game 1 from last year. Alex Smith is a safer bet with lower vaule, Andy Dalton is a high risk with a big value

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yeah thats why im struggling to decide, dalton has the upside for the bigger game but smith has the safer floor, i think im going to stick with smith but i know ill also be going back and forth until sunday afternoon

ya just keep an eye out Jordan Reed is back which is a good thing for Smith. They do play a better defence, but i still think he is the safer bet. If Reed was out then i would strongly recomend Dalton, but hes just to big of a wild card.

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we’re on the same wavelength, totally agree, thanks for keeping me on course here lol

No Problem, Glad to help