Dalvin Cook | Alexander Mattison

If Dalvin Cook plays tonight and I’m both the Cook and Mattison owner, what do I do?? Play both??

Unfortunately, if Cook is good enough to play, he will be in your line up over Mattison.


Agreed. Just keep an eye on the warmup reports though. Only way I play Mattison with an active Cook is if Cook is mostly just watching warmups and seems to be active in an emergency role only (ala Henderson/Sony last week).

I suppose the worry is a few things: 1) There’s a 50/50 timeshare. 2) He reinjures the shoulder. 3) Vikings get ahead early and pull him. It’s not starting cook that’s the problem to me, but more if I should start both. My other options are Ameer Abdullah, Tim Patrick, or Rashod Bateman in the flex. (14 team league, so slim pickings) As an insult to injury, I win I make the playoffs; I lose, I miss the playoffs.

Same here–have both Cook and Mattison.

I think the real issue is who are you BENCHING in order to play both? In my case:

My other RBs are Mixon, Jacobs, and Chase Edmonds. I’m playing Mixon, obviously, and Jacobs is better bet than Edmonds, so I’d be benching Jacobs.

If I play Cook, Mattison, and Mixon, I’m guessing I get 20 points combined between Cook and Mattison split, and 15-20 for Mixon (35-40 points if play all three).

Alternatively, I take a chance on Cook (for between 5-15), Jacobs (10-15), and Mixon (15-20) which would give me a range of 30-50. So upside says I should play Cook if he goes. But this week is a win and in for me in playoffs, so agonizing! Wish/hope they just declare Cook out…

Cook is officially active and I am going to roll the dice and play him. I think the guys on the podcast were right…if they are putting him out there, Cook will be the featured back.

I’m playing Cook tonight which if he is a dud let’s me know what I need to do with my lineup moving forward in the week. Other RB’s are Zeke/Pollard, Henderson/Michelle and Javonte Williams.

Matchup up is for league title and #1 seed. So I’m going for home run!

I hope you played Cook because through the 1st qtr he looks pretty good.


I think Cook just won me a league title. 205 yards rushing!

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Played Cook and benched Mattison (thank you Lord). My goodness what a beast.


Definitely the right choice.

Luckily for me, the team I play this week chose wrong. They kept Mattison in over Cook. Yay!


Awesome for you! My stomach is turning imagining those points on the bench.
Gotta play your studs.

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