Dalvin Cook and Keenan Allen for j Howard and baldwin

I’d be receiving Allen and cook. Would you do this trade? I’d be wr heavy since my rb would be zeke Connor yeldon and Lindsay so hopefully cook stays healthy I would need him. My wr would now be Allen diggs and d Adams. Half ppr 12 team league

Definitely would help you for your week 7 bye. I think even with a down week I want Howard over cook. But Allen over Baldwin.

I would probably do it but Cook makes me nervous.

Take it and run. Take it and run…

Take it and run? You trust Cook?

I would take that trade. The upside of Cook / Allen dwarfs that of Howard/Baldwin IMO

If Cook is healthy, he’s a great running back and I would play him. Healthy is def a risk there but so is Baldwin. Dude’s running on 2 busted knees and even if he was healthy, I think Allen is better than him by quite a bit (although allen has had a rough start). I love times like this cause it allows you to trust your research/gut and buy low on guys like AB/Allen. I just made a massive trade for both guys today and will gladly continue to buy. Even if they both have another mediocre week.

yeah i agree guys thats why i did it but definitely a risk that comes with both but hey i’m 1-3 gotta go with the upside at this point. excited to trot those two out this week along with matt ryan i have a brand new squad. now would you start cook over connor this week?and if not allen or cook in the flex?

i’m also looking at tj yeldon in the flex as well with fournette out. would he get the nod over those guys?