Dalvin Cook & Brieda for Zeke & Shady?

12 Team - .5 PPR

Give : Dalvin Cook & Matt Brieda

Get : Zeke & Shady


Depends on your team - do you have 2 RBs you can start week 1 - [unknown] if Zeke doesn’t sign for a bit longer? Many experts would take Cook and Zeke around the same point in drafts (early second round).

Without any of the above my other RBs would be:
DJ, Devonta Freeman, Guice and Jackson

So I’d be running with DJ & Freeman and most likely just a WR in the flex!

Probably worth it then - Zeke may be RB #1 overall in 0.5 PPR for all of the weeks that he is playing and healthy. And your depth is so good that Breida is unlikely to get much playing time ever.

Go for it, in my opinion.