Dalvin Cook dropped?

I know I feel really stupid to be even asking this. Dalvin Cook was dropped in my leauge, should I instantly pick him up? He has RB1 potential when healthy no?

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What’s the rest of your roster look like?


Pick him up unless it is a 4-person league.

This JUST happened in my league and I had 8th waiver position (12 person 1/2PPR), got him! But yeah, same question…seems like quite a blessing from above!!!

Yeah gotta base it on who he is taking the place of / where your team needs help ROS. he won’t play until week 11 earliest I’ve read most recently (after their week 10 bye), but who’s to say he’ll play at all, or
More than a small percent of snaps? There’s no way he doesn’t get eased in at first also. And I am positive the Vikings will keep him sidelined mostly or fully if they can lock up their olayoff situation sometime without it coming down to the wire. Would make a lot more sense to roll out a brand new, fresh, star RB to beaten up playoff opponents than beforehand, if they can afford not to. Which i don’t think is a Stretch Bc Murray is a good player. And they are good at possessing in throwing the ball too, making it less of a mandatory toll on Murray’s health.

But that’s all said to play devil’s advocate haha. Cook is a great add for someone who has roster space ROS, has a player who can be dropped without harm, and is willing to wait patiently. Cook also carries potential enormous trade value upside should He return at all sometime soon, to Murray owners specifically, and then esp if someone else on Vikings offense gets hurt. They aren’t exactly stacked on the depth chart at WR or TE, beyond their starters I mean. Diggs is Thielen injury could rush Cook back sooner for big play potential.

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