Dalvin cook for davonte Adams?

1/2 pt PPR 5 pt QB league that doesn’t require a running back to start. My rbs are kamara, miles, Kerryon and James white. Receivers are juju, woods, Boyd, t.y., John brown. Thanks for the help!

No. The best Rb so far for a top 15 WR?HELL NO.

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Yea I hear you. Are you confident cook is a top 5 back the rest of the way? I’m torn because we all know Adams will be solid all year barring injury.

Barring injury, yes. I’ve benched Thielen bc they aren’t passing bc Cook is a one man show.

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That’s the thing though, how good will cook be against a loaded box? Defenses are sure to scheme around him now.

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I actually don’t think it’s a bad trade. Davante will probably finish as a top 3-5 guy and even if cook stays healthy long enough to do the same, you don’t even have to start a running back. Might as well load up on a position that matters more in your league. Not to mention you still have good depth at running back with Kerryon and Kamara. I would highly consider doing it.

Yea, I’m torn. Thanks for the reply.

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I would love some input on the question I just posted as well! Please go check it out and weigh in! It’s titled “pick a side. (Possible big trade)” in the general fantasy football category

Just a bump. I’m very torn on this. Would love some extra help! Thanks

I don’t think I would make that trade. Who knows how Kamara will be without Brees. Saying that also don’t think it’s horrible if you accept it.

Thanks for the reply. How confident are you in dalvin to be a top 5 back all year long? I’m concerned with stacked boxes against him going forward.

I think I’m going to counter with Adams and Carson for cook and Tyler Boyd! What do you think about that?

That’s the tough part. It’s really a gut call. I personally would prefer a RB1 over WR1. Most likely both will finish around the same for their position. Your league type is different than what I am used to seeing.

I legit almost made this trade early in the year and man am I GLAD I DIDN’T!

Counter offer?