Dalvin Cook for Diggs? Full PPR

Who would you rather have for the playoffs? I’m locked into the playoffs, my WR’s are Hopkins, Hill, and Diggs. My RB’s are Gordon, Chubb, kerryon, Howard.

I have more depth at RB so I’m struggling here.

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Hmmm, the only thing I would do concurrently would be package Keryon and Howard for a Julio or other stud WR to replace Diggs that’s going to have more consistency. Detroit is hot garbage even though Keryon is a great talent. Howard just hasn’t been super productive unless the game script has gone his way, and he didn’t even get a goal line TD last week, Cohen did!

IDK if that helps, I just like Cook more than Diggs ROS, and Cook more than Howard and Keryon ROS.

Let others opine for sure.

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Agree with everything said above

Hmm I actually wouldn’t do much with your roster, I think it’s good.

Nuk (WR1)
Hill (WR1)
Diggs (WR2 but I think we’ll see him start scoring more late into the second half of the season like he usually does, especially now that teams have to start really accounting for Thielen)

Gordon (RB1)
Chubb (RB2, but you could argue he’s RB1)
Kerryon (Solid RB2, he’s the only good thing on that Lions offense)
Howard (RB2)

I’m a diehard Vikings fan and I’m not sure if you are yourself, but from what I’ve seen, Cook is explosive but he just 1) isn’t always 100% healthy, 2) I worry about the Vikings OLine’s consistency and 3) Latavius Murray is a solid RB that is taking snaps away. Don’t get me wrong Dalvin is a solid RB2, but I dont think losing Diggs to get him would be all that valuable, cause its not like you’re picking up a stud RB right now.


I do agree with this here though. If you can somehow swap and upgrade from Howard/Kerryon to Cook that would be good.

I just wouldn’t lose those WRs for him


I think Diggs needs to get more love. He still gets a ton of targets and now that cook is healthy and teams are focusing on theilen he will be getting alot of points in my opinion

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I wouldn’t make this move personally. Your team is solid at RB and you can use the WR it looks like. Agree with the below try and package Kerryon and Howard for someone better with another RB or WR

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