Dalvin cook for Lamar miler?

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this trade offer, Lamar Miller for Dalvin cook. My RB core is really strong and cook is just on my bench. On today’s podcast they were talking about how Miller could break out and figured with DJ getting hurt I could start him in good match ups. What’s your thoughts? Thank you all!

I would not do this trade! PPR makes Cook even more valuable.

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NO. That would be crazy. Miller might be gone from the Texans and Cook is the much better player. Who are your RBs?

No no no. This doesn’t make any sense. I’m lower on Cook than many, but he’s still a tier above Miller for sure. If your RB core is strong and you aren’t using Cook, why would you trade him for another RB that you can’t use (an RB that is worse than Cook)???

If you want to get rid of Cook, trade him for a WR or another position that you can use. You don’t want to have assets sitting on your bench because there aren’t enough roster spots. You could package Cook/a decent WR2 for a tier 1 WR1 probably (something like Cook and Demaryius Thomas or Brandin Cooks for OBJ…just spit balling here). Or do Cook straight up for a WR1/high WR2. Cooks for a tier 1 TE and a bench RB or something.

Bottom line, I can think of 100 different trades to do with D. Cook that are probably better for you than straight up for Lamar Miller.