Dalvin Cook for Michael Thomas trade?

Have an offer to trade Michael Thomas from my team for Dalvin Cook / Matt Breida. Thoughts / feedback?

I think it leaves too big of hole for me at WR, but he doesn’t have any decent WR and that’s why he wants the trade. I could counter with Dalvin / Baldwin for Thomas, but don’t think he’d go for that. Or ask for Zeke instead of Cook.

1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 2 Flex 1 Def league.


Melvin Gordon
Alex Collins
Dion Lewis
Rashad Penny
Sony Michel
Alfred Morris
McKinnon (IR)

My WRs:
Michael Thomas
Jarvis Landry
Cooper Kupp
Kelan Cole
Allen Hurns

Trey Burton

Pass. I prefer MT over Cook. And you have enough depth at RB to not have to worry about RBs. But if you trade MT, your WR1 is Landry. Which would make me puke.

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I wouldn’t do it. You rooster looks pretty solid right now with alot of players have potential to be every week locks

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No way. Breida isn’t much and Thomas is far, far more valuable than Cook.