Dalvin Cook for Zeke?

Got offered Zeke before the game tonight. As a huge Cowboys fan I’m torn, but Cook looks pretty great right now.

Also possibly could move Chris Hogan & Carson for Shady McCoy… if I could do one or the other would this be the obvious choice? Other WRs are Jordy, AJ, Crowder, Snead, C Davis.


I might actually do both of these. Certainly the second. If Zeke plays 16, or close to it, the first one is probably a bad trade, but it’s sounding like a real possibility that the suspension stands.

Hold zeke… he will bounce back

I doubt the concern is the player. There’s a real chance he serves a 6 game suspension starting in 3 weeks or so.

Thanks for feedback. To clarify, I’d be giving away Cook and receiving Zeke.