Dalvin Cook or CEH at pick 5?

Somehow the rookie seems like the safer pick with Dalvin’s contract situation. What do guys think?

Or it is a make or break year for Cook to gain a new contract to stay in MIN, or an audition for another team and MIN just abuses him this year with the intent on letting him go too…

Good point, he could get lots of usage. Tough call!

I think Cook has a higher floor, but CEH might have a higher ceiling… just depends on what you like to draft, lol.


Hey Nabeel, I’m currently having this same inner debate with myself. Half point PPR 12 team league and I pick 5th.
I think the difference maker is that I am excited for CEH while Cook doesn’t get me going quite the same way
CEH, is part of a better offense and we know he is the featured guy. No injury risk and more upside IMO.
Personally I would rather take Kamara than Cook and CEH over both.
Sometimes you gotta risk it for the biscuit! :muscle:t2:
Hope this helps.
Happy drafting!

Thanks, really good points! Would love Lamar’s but think I will be happy with Helaire.

Kamara not Lamar

Kamara falls to me in about half of the mocks that I have doing. One time Zeek fell to me but I’m not counting on that haha
CEH is who I expect to draft but It will be very hard to not take Kamara

If it was full PPR I would take CEH. I think Kamara’s targets will come down a bit with Manny Sanders there and another year for Jared Cook in the offense as well. in Half PPR it’s closer between CEH and Dalvin Cook, and in Standard non-PPR I would probably lean Cook. I don’t know what format you’re in though.

It’s half ppr. My first instinct was automatically Cook, but the more I thought about it I kept thinking that CEH seemed safer.

I have the same problem. I’m going with the team/player I would rather watch. So CEH if you ask me. I feel there is a good chance he could be the 1st overall pick next year.