Dalvin Cook OR Christian McCaffrey? 0.5 PPR

Who’s the pick?

CMC for me fairly comfortably. I’m almost certain to be in the minority.


CMac for me. Probably also in minority but I have feeling that it’s going to be more of a committee there than people think with Murray, with Murray taking most of goaline work.

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@DFWB @MikeMeUpp starting to think the same. Carolina will use CMC everywhere but damn if we’re wrong about Dalvin and he goes off…

I love the talent. Cook was my top rated RB last year, ahead of Fournette. But I think they will probably be more careful with him this year as he’s coming back from an ACL. Their Oline is also worse due to injuries and Murray proved himself to be a more than capable back. Cook is their future so no point running him to the ground when you got Murray around. He’s also not really built for the goal line work and he’s not going to get anywhere near the amount of targets/catches that CMac will get.

End of the day, it’s a risk reward trade off. I couldn’t fault anyone for taking Cook, but personally, probably going with CMac.

Could legitimately happen. I think CMC has the higher floor and ceiling though.

@DFWB @MikeMeUpp thanks fellas. Great insight.

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Are the injury concerns on the Panther’s side to the O-line playing a factor w/ CMC’s ADP

It definitely worries me. Not just the injuries but losing Norwell hurts. CMac last year when running behind Norwell’s side, 4.5 YPC. All other guys, 3.5 or less. Pretty substantial efficiency drop.

I’m hoping that him getting goalline carries will make up for it though if pre-season is any signal.