Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon

Better RB for .5 PPR dynasty? Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon? I currently have Cook but I’m thinking about mixing up my team and trying to get Mixon as I view him as more of a 3down player. Input appreciated, thanks.

I think they’re both exceptional 3 down backs. But with Cook on the better team, I lean his way. I love Mixon though and is way cheaper. If you want to move Cook, you could pretty easily get Mixon plus something else


I’d take Cook all day

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Cook is the better player, on a better team, doesn’t have to deal with Marvin Lewis, and is proven to be electric in the NFL on all 3 downs.
Mixon can be all of those things; but, on his team, with his OL, and having Marvin Lewis, I think Cook is in a tier above.
That being said, unless you need Mixon to be the RB1 on your team, I would see what you could get.
I would rather have Cook over Mixon; but, would rather have Mixon and something good for Cook.

Let me/us know if the guy is willing to add to Mixon.

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I agree. However Cincy has already made improvements to their line and are expected to draft 1 or 2 guys. That’s why Mixon is a nice buy low candidate to me. However the guy with him in my league loves him so I’ll never actually own him.

I’m in the same boat you are; I targeted him but the guy loves him so he is asking for way too much

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